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Albin Holmqvist’s EF Desination Typography Set.

View his Portfolio!

Also check out the EF Live the Language Videos which have some awesome typography as well. Also Set II


Adam F


“Design is where science and art break even.” - Robin Mathew


Lo Siento  | http://losiento.net

LoSiento is a small studio that specially enjoys taking over the whole concept of the identity projects. Its main feature is an organic and physical approach to the solutions, resulting in a field where graphic and industrial design dialogue, always searching an alliance with the artisan processes.

the design blog: facebook | twitter

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More from iamhingo tumblog

More great work from Mike Harrison

Not only is this font available for free from Font Fabric but it looks awesome on this poster too!

Download the RBNo2

Awesome Typographic Poster.

Created by Vector Hugo

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